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To change the Google Maps pin into an icon or your own jpg, you will need to access your My Maps editor, select a layer, then goto the Paint Brush icon and Select Uniform Style.

Hover the cursor over "All items" and look to the left for the paint can to appear.

Select the the paint can to bring up the menu. From here it should be fairly self explanatory as you either select a generic icon from the library, or you can easily create one of your very own, for free, with Copilot AI, NightCafe, or maybe even just visit Favicon io like I did? 

To display layers in real time just check which layers you want to display (see above), adjust the map to fit the screen, and then hit "Set default view". 

Now close the window, don't touch it unless you have to. Wait a few minutes and refresh your website/s to see the changes.