This is one of a number of website projects which were created mostly for free. This project has been helped or made possible in some way by Google Sites, Google My Maps, Copilot and ChatGPT, X Live Spaces, Nightcafe Studio, Pexels, Open Weather Map Org, Emojipedia, Punycoder, Blogger, Tiktok, CapCut, Instagram, Meta, Linkedin, Google Docs, Google Gemini Advanced, Favicon io, eBay, Gumtree, GoDaddy, Wix and Tumblr and Youtube. 

A project with a collection of websites and domain names such as and the sub domain Not many realize the usefulness of a good domain name, for example with there are endless ..

Activity Locator  ℹ️

Airports, Playgrounds, Mountain Bike Riding, Ski Spots, Skateparks, 4x4 tracks, Surf Spots, Wineries, Sight Seeing.

Select the window in the top left corner of the map to open up the menu. Toggle on and off markers to find an Airport near a winery, or a skatepark near a mountain bike riding trail.

Live🔴Cams in Australia

See Phillip Island Penguins in real time, Australian Penguins🐧, or the Port Lincoln Ospreys, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Anglesea Golf Club, Townsville, and info about your privacy .