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Australian Broadcasters

Australia has a diverse television broadcasting landscape, with a mix of public, commercial, and community broadcasters serving the nation. To access Australian content, you may be able to download the broadcasters app in the Play store or Apple store. Below are the main players in the Australian broadcasting industry. 

National Public Broadcasters

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

The ABC is Australia's primary national public broadcaster. It offers a wide range of TV and radio programs across multiple channels, focusing on news, current affairs, documentaries, entertainment, and children's programming.

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)

SBS caters to Australia's multicultural population, providing news and entertainment programming in multiple languages. It also offers a strong focus on international news and documentaries.

National Indigenous Television (NITV)

NITV is a channel dedicated to showcasing Indigenous culture, stories, and perspectives. It broadcasts on the SBS network.

Commercial Broadcasters

There are numerous commercial television and radio networks operating across Australia, including,

Seven Network

Nine Network

Network 10

Foxtel (subscription television)

Southern Cross Austereo

Nova Entertainment

ARN (Australian Radio Network)

Community Broadcasters:

Australia has a thriving community radio broadcasting sector with over 450 community radio stations across the country. The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is the peak body for community broadcasters.

Australia has two national public radio broadcasters

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

The ABC operates several national radio networks, including,

ABC Radio National (RN)

Focuses on in-depth news, current affairs, arts, and cultural programming.

ABC Local Radio

Provides local news, information, and talkback programs tailored to specific regions.

ABC Classic

Features classical music and arts programming.

Triple J

Caters to younger audiences with alternative music, comedy, and youth-focused content.

Double J

Plays a mix of new music and classic Australian tracks.

ABC Country

Offers country music and rural news.

ABC NewsRadio

Delivers continuous national and international news coverage.

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)

SBS operates a national radio network that provides news and information in multiple languages, catering to Australia's multicultural population.

While not strictly national broadcasters, some commercial radio networks like ARN and Nova Entertainment have a significant presence across many Australian cities and regional areas. However, their programming is typically more focused on popular music and entertainment rather than the broader scope offered by the ABC and SBS.

Main Radio Broadcasters in Australia



2GB (873 AM) – Nine Radio

2UE (954 AM) – Nine Radio

2SM (1269 AM) – Broadcast Operations Group

ABC Radio Sydney (702 AM) – ABC


KIIS 106.5 – ARN

Nova 96.9 – Nova Entertainment

Smooth FM 95.3 – NOVA Entertainment

WSFM 101.7 – ARN

Triple J (105.7 FM) – ABC



3AW (693 AM) – Nine Radio

1116 SEN (1116 AM) – Sports Entertainment Network

ABC Radio Melbourne (774 AM) – ABC


GOLD104.3 – ARN

Nova 100 – Nova Entertainment

Smooth FM 91.5 – NOVA Entertainment

FOX FM 101.9 – ARN

Triple J (107.5 FM) – ABC



4BC (882 AM) – Nine Radio

4KQ (693 AM) – Nine Radio

ABC Radio Brisbane (612 AM) – ABC


97.3 FM – ARN

Nova 106.9 – Nova Entertainment

B105 – ARN

Triple M (104.5 FM) – Southern Cross Austereo

Triple J (107.5 FM) – ABC



FIVEaa (1395 AM) – Nova Entertainment

ABC Radio Adelaide (891 AM) – ABC

Mix 102.3 – ARN

Nova 919 – Nova Entertainment

SAFm (107.1 FM) – ABC

Triple M (104.7 FM) – Southern Cross Austereo

Triple J (105.5 FM) – ABC



6PR (882 AM) – Nine Radio

ABC Radio Perth (720 AM) – ABC


96fm – ARN

Nova 93.7 – Nova Entertainment

Mix 94.5 – Southern Cross Austereo

92.9 Triple M – Southern Cross Austereo

Triple J (99.3 FM) – ABC



2CC (1206 AM) – Capital Radio Network

ABC Radio Canberra (666 AM) – ABC


Hit 104.7 – Southern Cross Austereo

Mix 106.3 – ARN

Triple J (106.7 FM) – ABC



7HO FM (1017 AM) – Grant Broadcasters

ABC Radio Hobart (936 AM) – ABC


Hit100.9 – Southern Cross Austereo

7HO FM – Grant Broadcasters

Triple J (92.9 FM) – ABC



Mix 104.9 (8DDD 1049 AM) – ARN

ABC Radio Darwin (105.7 FM) – ABC


Hot 100 FM – Grant Broadcasters

Mix 104.9 – ARN

Triple J (103.7 FM) – ABC