Adelaide Playgrounds

New Adventure Playground for Adelaide

New Adventure Playground for O'Halloran Hill, Glenthorne National Park, Ityamaiitpinna Yarta

Where Kids Run Wild, Imaginations Soar, and Screens Take a Break

Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta, affectionately known as the new adventure playground, has swooped into Adelaide's southern suburbs, offering families a $17 million wonderland to run, jump, play, and escape from all the screens.

A Kid's Paradise of Adventure

Nestled within the stunning Glenthorne National Park, this colossal adventure playground spreads its arms across 7,000 square meters of pure excitement. It's like a giant playground canvas where kids' dreams come alive while parents relish in the timeless pleasure of seeing their little ones thoroughly and blissfully exhausted.

Thrilling Features Await

Slides to Satisfy the Curious

No adventure is complete without heart racing slides, and Glenthorne Nation­al Park-Itya­mai­it­pin­na Yarta delivers not one, not two, but three of them! Each slide promises an exhilarating journey from top to bottom, leaving a trail of laughter in their wake.

Digging for Discoveries

Young archaeologists in training can unleash their curiosity in the fossil dig areas, unearthing secrets from the past and sparking their love for history.

Climbing Heights

Rope and log climbing challenges await those eager to conquer new heights, building confidence and courage with each step.

Soar Like Never Before

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? The 25-meter long flying fox provides an unforgettable airborne experience that leaves kids craving more.


No one's left behind in this adventure. The playground's diverse range of accessible equipment ensures that every child can join the fun, regardless of their abilities.

The Ultimate Getaway from Screens

In a world captivated by screens, Glenthorne Nation­al Park-Itya­mai­it­pin­na Yarta emerges as the ultimate remedy. It's a place where kids can trade pixelated landscapes for the real thing, a realm where their imagination takes center stage, and where parents can witness the magic of unadulterated play.

More Than Just Play

The Visitor Hub

Adjacent to the playground lies a visitor hub that's more than just convenient – it's a slice of comfort nestled in nature's embrace.

What the Hub Offers

Picnic Perfect

Shaded shelters and picnic areas beckon families to enjoy a leisurely meal amidst the splendor of the outdoors.

BBQ Bonanza

Embrace the Aussie BBQ culture with top-notch facilities, adding sizzle to your outdoor dining experience.

Convenient Comfort

Clean and well maintained restrooms ensure that nature calls are answered in comfort.

Touch of Heritage

The inclusion of heritage buildings adds a touch of nostalgia, intertwining the past with the present.

$17 Million of Adventure

You might wonder, what exactly does $17 million buy you in the world of adventure? It's the rush of exhilaration down those slides, the echoes of laughter in the air, the fun induced from climbing challenges, or finding a fossil on the diggings. It's a place where kids are free to explore, learn, and most importantly, be kids.

Close to the Beach, Far from the Ordinary

While Adelaide's beaches are renowned for their beauty, Glenthorne Nation­al Park-Itya­mai­it­pin­na Yarta adds a unique twist to the adventure equation. Just a short drive from the beach, it's a new alternative to sand and surf for the lucky locals, having such an awesome new space for everyone to enjoy for the years to come is such a fantastic investment into the community.

Time to Play!

Pack up the sunscreen, grab the kids, and escape to Glenthorne Nation­al Park-Itya­mai­it­pin­na Yarta. Let them run, climb, slide, and swing to their heart's content, because in this adventure wonderland, screens take a break, and the real world takes center stage.