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USA 1000 Miles / Australia 1609.35 km's

Fuel, Volume

USA 1 Gallon Gas(Gasoline) / Australia 3.4781 litres Unleaded Petrol

USA 12 Ounce Coke (355ml) / Australia 375 ml Can of Coke

In the US, the standard size for a regular beer can (like a tinny or stubby in Australia) is 12 fluid ounces, which is equal to 355 millilitres. This is the same size as the standard Coca-Cola can.

However there are 16 ounce cans (tallboy or pounder). This is equivalent to approximately 473 millilitres.

Then 24 ounce can. This is equivalent to approximately 710 millilitres.

Gas Prices asof 30/05/2024

Gas prices in Australia vary widely depending on your location, today prices in an Australian capital city reached $2.00 AUD per litre, which, in US terms would be $5.45 USD per gallon or $7.57 AUD per gallon (regular unleaded). 

Emergency Phone Numbers

Australia 000

Public phone booths provide free calls in Australia, Telstra phone booths are seen on some train station platforms and still exist in Australian cities and suburbs, or neighbour hoods today in, 2024.

There is no official standardization of glass names and sizes across the states of Australia, in other words in different states there are different glass sizes available when out at a pub or a club having a drink.

Schooner (425ml) 14.37fl oz 

A.C.T, N.S.W, N.T, Qld, Tas, Vic, W.A.

Also known as a Pint in South Australia.

Pint (570ml) 19.27fl oz 

A.C.T, N.S.W, N.T, Qld, Tas, Vic, W.A.

Sometimes called an Imperial Pint in South Australia

Pot/Middy (285ml) 09.64fl oz  

In N.S.W and W.A a Pot is commonly known as a Middy, or a Middy is a Pot everywhere except for N.S.W and W.A. In South Australia a Schooner is different from the 425ml schooner elsewhere else and is 285ml.

Jug (1140ml) 38.55fl oz 

Anywhere in Australia.

Other Less Common Sizes (and their local names)

Pony (140ml) Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia.

Butcher (200ml) 6.86fl oz South Australia

Small Beer (115ml) 3.88fl oz Tasmania

Bobbie/Bobby (170ml)  5.75fl oz Western Australia

The names Seven (N.S.W, N.T) and Glass (Vic, W.A) can sometimes refer to a 200ml serving.

Some pubs might offer additional sizes or use unique names.

If you're unsure, just ask the bartender for the size you want in millilitres (ml) to avoid confusion.